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Access to talent with faster hiring for high quality candidates.

Database management

At citysite we maintain database of aspirants for different types of companies for quick and quality placement.

Brand promotion

Citysite help start-up and companies to get local access with right customer base.

Resume writing

Resume communicates the brand & qualification who you are.Team citysite guide candidates for preparing better resumes.

Soft skill development

Citysite has certified trainer to enhance the softskill for aspirants & corporates.

Admission Counseling

Citysite has a highly connected network with institutes & colleges for better , higher education.

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  • For regular job posting and database access contact our HR on hr@citysite.co.in
  • Engage with Talent Pool

    A talent pool is a group of candidates that have the skills and experience your company regularly needs.Recruiter should actively engage with candidates in the talent pool to keep them interested in the organisation.

    Build a Strong Brand with Citysite

    Talent pools are a great resource for recruiters to engage potential candidates to keep them interested in their company.

    Talent pools are great for organisation that are growing rapidly.They are also suitable for organisation that want to hire more strategically.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Interview process typically includes the steps :
    1) writing a job description
    2) Posting a job
    3) Scheduling interviews
    4) Conducting preliminary and in process interviews.Follow up with candidates and make a hiring.

    Dresscodes are used to communicate employees what the organisation considers appropriate work attire

    Job remains open untill company and candidate confirmation.

    Details on job role company do share job description while post job.

    Its never a fix skill , it varies as per job description and job role

    1)It provides freedom & flexibility
    2)Cost saving for Company
    3)Good to maintain work/life balance

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